By Midlife, 2/3 of us experience Mental Decline starting with Brain Fog

Brain Fog, Midlife Memory Loss

By Midlife, 2/3 of us experience Mental Decline starting with Brain Fog. This accelerates with each decade. It starts with brain fog, then can become dementia with symptoms of confusion, severe forgetfulness and an inability to live on their own. Memory care facilities are popping up all over the country!  By age 75, this is 1 our of 10, by 85 it is 1 out of 2. This sounds dismal, and certainly not what I want for my golden years!

We had radiant crystal clear healthy cells when we were babies. We experienced joy and happiness more often, especially in the small things, we attracted love and usually got what we wanted.

So what went wrong?  Why are people losing their memory, why are they not happy anymore? Why so much depression, anxiety, and pain?

We’ve loaded our cells with toxins for a LONG time!

Here’s just a short list:

  • Environmental Pollution
  • Contaminated Water
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Household Cleaners
  • Personal Health & Beauty Products
  • Genetically Modified ‘Food’
  • Lack of Movement and Breathe
  • Not Being in Touch with Nature
  • Watching Fear Based Violence, War, Trauma and Programming on TV
  • Low Vibe Emotions such as Anger and Jealousy
  • Constant use of Tablets, Mobile Phones, Video Games and Wifi
  • Allowing Virtual or Artificial Intelligence
  • Reliance mainly on our Brain instead of our Heart
  • Energetic Interferences
  • Belief Systems

After falling down that rabbit hole from working 70-80 hour weeks in front of the computer, no exercise, and being in my right logical brain the majority of the time, I became forgetful. A few times I forget what a client asked me to do, and when they reminded me later they sounded annoyed. I eventually lost that client, and then became VERY Concerned for my career, and also for my mind!

I had all the tools, but I was focusing more on physical problems for clients, pain, anxiey, and energy, but didn’t focus on the brain and memory, where I could have used it the MOST!  I deep dove into that subject and a few years later have helped many clients with a cellular revitalization program that works on many levels, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, AND for people like me, Professionally!

Happy Cells = Happy Life!

Had I known about this earlier in life, just think what I could have accomplished by now, how much further along this journey I could be. But I have no regrets, I can use this as a tool of understanding.

And now so can you.

So the question becomes ‘How do I get Happy Cells?”

It’s simple really.  Clean up your Cellular Life!

Want happiness in your Love Life?

Want happiness in your Work Life?

Want happiness in your Physical Life?

Want happiness in your OWN Life?

Clean up your Cellular Life!

For Sure!  You can’t do all of this yet, nobody would even want to if they thought it meant letting go of  food choices, vices and the voices in their heads!

What else can you do then? You can Clear your Cells using Quantum Activations!

This is what physicists have been telling us about, utilizing the quantum field to affect cells and our biology. It’s not a new science, but one that hasn’t been talked about mostly because of limited beliefs and it hasn’t fit in with the medical model currently in place.

People also question how something so simple could actually work.  Been there, done that, quick fixes always cycles you back into the recylce basket. Well why not be simple AND work?  Research the sources. When you do, you’ll discover a whole new world of possibilities you never dreamed were possible, let alone probable, let alone able to work for you.

Its sad to think what we lost out on so far, and also exciting to know what’s possible for us to come!

Get in touch with yourself, and I’m not referring to just your physical self, which is actually just the manifestation, and not the source or cause. We create everything, including our physical-ness, our situations, our experiences, and what we attract to ourselves from the energy field around us.

“There is no place in this new kind of physics (Quantum Physics) both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.”

“Everything is energy.”

-Albert Einstein

Are you suffering emotionally?  Feeling grief, fear, anger, or despair?  That’s a manifestation too!

Once you realize that is the end result, you can go to the source and affect it according to your true desires.

You may ask ‘How are we supposed to know how to do that?’

Great question!  Once we start asking the questions, the answers arise.  It’s also knowing the right questions to ask, and how to ask them to get a true and correct answer for yourself.

And that’s how I assist people, to remember their answers, and have Happy Cells once again!

Brain Fog, Midlife Memory Loss

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